Asian Tour Media Training

Sometimes it can be intimidating standing in front of a camera. I should know.

I have often had the remark thrown at me before that I’ve got the “perfect face for radio”. But now and again, you get to see me as well as hear me!


For the professional sportsman, dealing with the media is part of the job. It’s not something they should worry about doing but some do.  They also shouldn’t feel they are doing the journalist a favour by giving them 10 minutes of their time. Unfortunately, some sports men and women do see it that way. Interviews, though, are an opportunity for them.


That was part of my message to some of the players on the Asian Tour this week in our media training session. Media training is not about telling what they should or should not be saying. It’s about making the most of the personality they have, which will have benefits, raising their profile and the profile of their sport.


It was a fun afternoon in Macau on Tuesday and like in other sports and on other golf tours, there are some great personalities on the Asian Tour. I took up two hours of their time in a week where their main goal is to win one of the biggest events of the season – the Venetian Macau Open. It would be pretty good, though, if one of them got to try out their interview technique in a winner’s speech come Sunday evening! That has happened before by the way….

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