Leading a double life

Is it possible to lead a double life? To wear two hats? Not that I’ve tried either before but maybe you have (obviously don’t take the two hats thing literally!). To go from one way of doing things to another very different. From being pigeonholed in a certain sector and then trying to adapt to something that’s nothing like your norm simultaneously?

From before Christmas until the beginning of March, on the occasions I was at home, I would watch my wife trying to tackle her life on three fronts. Running her bookkeeping business, keeping on top of everything our three children, all under the age of 13, needed and trying to get our new business off the ground. I wasn’t merely an interested spectator but in terms of making an impact, I was as useful as a chocolate teapot.

But here I am. It’s April and the world is gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic. And my world, which is pretty big, given the amount of countries I visit, has been turned inside out. My health, thank god, has not yet been struck by the virus. But much else has. Realistically, I see little prospect of paid work over a 5 month period. Of course, I am far from alone when it comes to the effects of this global virus. But how does a globe-trotting sports broadcaster transition into an entrepreneur, tapping into his ethics? What is clear, is there is so much to learn. Going live on air with a microphone to talk to thousands is very much where I feel at home. I have been doing that with varying degrees of success for over 25 years. Problem is, I have been kicked out of my “proverbial” home. Not for good. Just for now. But, who knows, until when. Sit and wait and let the months roll by? Or jump into something that could be life changing?

Grabbing the 2200 overnight flight from Heathrow to Dubai and then on to Singapore or Korea is the same for me as it is for most catching the local bus. This week, I was supposed to be flying to sports events in Malaysia, on to China, then Korea before coming home for a week. Then to Spain and Ireland and so on. A landing page for me was the page on my call sheet telling me what time I would land and what transport I would then be taking to get to my hotel. Not any more!

Silx Organic - launching in 2020

My new job, my currently unpaid vocation is Silx. This journey into organic silk accessories did not begin in March 2020. But as the pandemic ripped out my diary, it pretty much has done for me. So this blog is my attempt to tell this story. How a middle aged, globe-trotting sport freak attempts to re-educate himself and build a family business. I’m not saying it will be as smooth as Silx but I’m hoping to go on a journey that will be more entertaining than the red eye to Asia.

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